A group of Second Year De Montfort University students studying Game Art Design.
This blog is to document our participation in the 'Off The Map' competition from Game City, Crytek and The British Library.

Singing In The Terrain: World Machine Terrain

I was in charge of the terrain, I created it in zbrush and world machine. After Max gave us a tutorial in class on world machine I was eager to try it out. I found a decent tutorial on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0o3bqoM0Qg) which went through the whole process of creating a base in zbrush and then using world machine to add more accurate terrain details. 

I started in zbrush doing a rough block out of the level;

The next step was to get a heightmap from this sculpt which I could import into world machine.
In world machine I could then add lots of different effects to make the terrain look more natural. I downloaded the ‘coastal overlay’ plug-in from the world machine website which works really well for the cliff side terrain I was trying to create.
After I was happy with it in world machine I could then get all the maps exported and into cryengine. I had a few problems at first trying to work out the terrain resolution as the first time I put it in, it was massive! I needed it to be a lot smaller, as our map was starting to look far too big to populate it properly. So after a bit of research and asking around in labs, I managed to get it to a small enough size and apply the heightmap and terrain texture.

- Kat

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