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This blog is to document our participation in the 'Off The Map' competition from Game City, Crytek and The British Library.

Are We Eyre Yet? - A Review

HIYO! Back on form!

It’s time to have a review of our level and go through with a fine toothed comb. It’s a list of critiques from ourselves, peers and also tutors that need working on before hand in.

- The texture used for the gate entrance is muddy and bland. It needs to be spiced up with decals or changed completely. The lamps on the entrance merge into walls; they need handles to protrude from the wall. Also the candles flicker at same time which distracts.

- When looking through the gate the house can’t be seen. It always needs to be if it is to be the overbearing presence we want it to be.

- I fear it isn’t obvious enough the player needs to go left at gate and so could frustrate.

- There need to be more lamp variations and also the graves need to be able to be read. Something needs to replace the rocks in front of the graves.

- More needs to be made out of the cliff view. At the moment it’s not obvious it’s a cliff scene.

- We are in need of more vegetation variation to dot around.

- We need to implement the thunder in order to see the house, hard work was put into it and at the moment it’s just a silhouette.

- We don’t want to waste the players time, There’s nothing stopping them going into driveway area.

- At the moment the walls of the building are dull, they require decals.

- The ivy in courtyard is tiling and at the moment the area is sparse. Perhaps include benches etc or temporary statues.

- In the entrance hall the glasses on the table are very blue and quite distracting.

- The painting is clearly stretched and needs refining. The transition of the painting is too subtle; it really needs to be stand out feature of this room. There is also a large space in front of painting needs filling, candle holders, furniture perhaps.

- Perhaps most of all there is no obvious colour theme to this room nor literary reference. This is what our level is about and at the moment it is a waste of a room.

- The corridors make for quite a boring journey; the walls need to be filled with masks, paintings or decals.

- The posters in the Frankenstein room are emitting their own light; they are also far too neat, being perfect rectangles. The silhouettes need tweaking a bit. More green needs to be added to the room, we need to add leather on desks, green creatures in cabinets and more green lighting, the room is far too dark at the moment.

- We have lost focus on populating the rooms with literary references. WE know it’s a Frankenstein room, but how does anyone else know? We need to include loads of subtle references nodding to the fiction: names, locations etc.

Let’s keep this going guys!


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